Leam Smith

Leam Smith had the opportunity to grow up with a family of fine artists, illustrators, graphic designers, musicians, engravers and a tattoo artist. For over 30 years Leam’s mom would tattoo in the state of NC and would go on to open up the first health department approved tattoo studios in the piedmont area long before it became mandatory.  Leam would help with the daily activities in the tattoo studio making needles, cleaning and sterilizing the equipment. This instilled a sense of value and commitment to a career that holds safety and quality above and beyond the standards. 

This experience helped foster a deep sense of respect for a craft that has been around for many centuries.  Leam has over 27 years of licensed tattoo experience and still strives to make each tattoo the best tattoo. While remaining humble and passionate Leam continues to learn and grow with each tattoo. 

Find Leam on instagram @leasmithtat2s