Hello everyone, James from Bethesda Tattoo here. First off, I'd like to say thank you for your patience with the new site. We're still smoothing things out and getting used to our newly formatted website. We love it so far! A BIG thanks to Andy for setting this up and getting us all aquinted with the new format and designing the new lightning bolt logo.  We would also like to thank Betsy the Fotomaven at www.fotomaven.com for all the fantastic photography for the site. Soon, we will have a bunch of new photos by Betsy gracing the pages of our artists.

October 3rd, we will be hosting a photo portrait bash. If you have a healed tattoo from us, we want you. Come down and have Betsy photograph you for our new site. You may even get a copy of the picture sent to your email. More details for that coming soon.