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Born Jason Amadio in 1973 on the beautiful Hawaiian islands, his family moved inland to Washington state where his parents were killed in a fatal car crash; having been run off the road by wolves. The wolves tore apart the scavenges of the wreck and found the little boy caught in his safety belt. Prying it open, they raised the youth as their own pup where he learned to hunt and forage for meals.

Tragedy struck at the tender age of six when his foster wolf parents were mauled by bears in the forest vying for territory in the wastes of the Washington Woods. The bears took heart to the emaciated boy and took him in as their cub. Yet again, however, horror befell the child as his bear parents were brutally torn asunder by a wandering Sasquatch; who stole the wee babe from the carcasses of his fallen bear family and raised him as his own Sasquatchling.

One weekend, a group of teenagers tore through his woodland home partying and littered his beautiful resting nest with amenities of the human world. Young Jason picked up a Tiger Beat magazine and began to learn the intricacies of human art. The Sasquatch, being the missing link between man and animal (a manimal, if you will), became the bridge for which young Jason learned to transfer his animalistic traits and channel them into creative pursuits and career potential when assimilating to the Human world - as naturally was the grand design his Dadsquatch had for him.

He fashioned a razor from the hewn slate of nearby bedrock and crafted a primitive machine from the quills of a porcupine and deer bone. Thus began his illustrious profession as a tattoo artist.

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