We at Bethesda Tattoo provide certain tattoo and piercing services for Minors age 16 and above.  We've recently acquired permission to pierce earlobes for 14 and up.   we feel that if you the parent feels their child is ready to handle the experience of a tattoo or piercing as a young adult, and the young adult is stoked to get a tattoo or piercing-then we would like to provide the safest and most professional service. "It's either that or they go to some basement party  so their "good friend" or friend of a friend can improperly perform or "Scratch" their way into one of the worst mistakes of their young lives.

Novice tattoo and piercing gear are easy to acquire over the internet says James-Manager of Bethesda Tattoo."They always find a way" says James. In James' 23 years experience he has seen and heard it all. "Parents would call me all the time worried their kid was going to die from getting tattooed in a shady situation. So I'll talk them down and answer any questions they may have- the correct information is essential in situations like that."  They'll have to get it fixed at some point, thats when they come to see us.

That being said, their are certain resposibilities the parent must tend to before services are rendered at Bethesda Tattoo. First, as a parent YOU MUST PROVIDE THE CORRECT INFORMATION as proof of relationship to the minor, this is critical to you and minor receiving any services. ALL DOCUMENTATION MUST BE ORIGINAL and stamped accordingly, that means NO PHOTO COPIED ORIGINALS WILL BE ACCEPTABLE OR ALLOWED. This is a significant event in your childs life, please treat it as such. We treat the transaction as professionals and expect you to do the same. If there is ever any doubt about what is an acceptable form of identification, please call the studio PRIOR to your visit. You will save yourself a lot of time, hassle and desire to leave nasty yelp reviews telling the world about what assholes we are and how we wronged you some how.  We like positivity in the shop whenever possible-it helps us create. PMA ALL DAY! Peace.